Servicing Fresno County for Garage Door Repair and New Installations

Fresno Garage Doors    
Maintenance Service:

Don’t be inconvenienced by expensive emergency repairs due to lack of maintenance Have your garage door serviced by one of our friendly, factory trained technicians

Most common symptom for garage door service:

   * Garage Door is squeaking

   * Garage door does not open all of the way

   * Garage door does not close all of the way

Most common Reason for garage door not working

  * Lack of Lubrication, binding mechanism or miss-adjustment

   * Worn out binding rollers

   * Broken or weak springs

   * Problematic motor

   * Weak or dead batteries

Our Service Includes:

   * Check door and track level

   * Check door for balance

   * Check drums and cables

   * Inspect weather stripping

   * Inspect overall condition of door

   * Inspect motor sensitivity, force and limits

   * Adjust limit switch

   * Lubricate guide rails, springs and hinges

   * Inspect hinge screw torque

   * Inspect and align safety sensor
24 Hours/ 7 Days a Week
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